STEPHANIE HORWEDEL PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog en-us (C) STEPHANIE HORWEDEL PHOTOGRAPHY (STEPHANIE HORWEDEL PHOTOGRAPHY) Tue, 24 Jan 2017 19:40:00 GMT Tue, 24 Jan 2017 19:40:00 GMT STEPHANIE HORWEDEL PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog 80 120 All the ideas, none of the time I started up a blog and wasn't able to keep up with it.  It was called "A Little Old Fashioned".  It was going to highlight my love of antique Milk Glass, DIY projects, and other random things in my life.  But as usual I found my self behind in the blogging world.  I am going to bring some of the best posts over here and try to just maintain one Blog here that is a mix of my life so you can get to know me better and my work so you can see what I do best.  

Anyways!  Who else loves Milk glass? ;) When I am out antiquing I am looking for Milk glass pieces I don't have, black and white enamelware, vintage cutting boards and rolling pins, fun bar ware and vintage tea towels.  I have new obsession with hand embroidered tea towels.  I gave away a bunch that I had made for Christmas this year.  It was fun.  I think my neighbors liked them.  

My Christmas Card season was super busy.  I love squeezing in as many Family sessions in that I can.  AND what is even more fun is getting some of my own pictures back in the mail.  I love it.  Makes my heart so Happy.  

This New year has brought in a new challenge for me.  I haven't been running very consistently the last few years.  But my sister in law talked me into training for a 1/2 marathon in March!  So if you see me and my dog out running I hope I don't look like I am dying.  I am enjoying the challenge and really enjoying running again.  

Also, I have been on the hunt for a puppy.  We had to put our old girl Lou down at the beginning of December due to Cancer.  She was almost 15 years old.  My husband and I got her right after we were married.  We have another dog, he was found in the woods dumped.  I have had him for almost 11 years.  But due to the nature of him being afraid of us for the first year or so he never quite relaxed into that cuddly dog.  He loves all of us and is the most gentle of souls.   It's so sad people could just dump a dog in the woods and leave them for dead.  Anyways, my kids have never experienced a puppy.  They are 12, 10, and 7, what I think are the perfect ages to have a puppy.  To experience the full circle of life.  So I have been looking and looking for the right dog at the animal shelters in town.  There are so many dogs that need to be adopted.  I kind of want to take them all.  But I have some specific traits I am looking for.

That's a brief little summary of what I have been up to.  Hopefully in between runs, dog searching, hand embroidery, taking care of my kids, and taking pictures, I will update this blog a little better.  :)



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Lifestyle Maternity Session I don't do lots and lots of maternity sessions, but when I do they are super fun.  It's so exciting for the mother to be and they always look so gorgeous.  When my friend said she wanted to do a day in the life style maternity session I was thrilled.  We had a super fun morning taking fun pictures of her day in the life being pregnant!  


You know, just a little cereal in bed!

Watch out Kitty there is a new friend coming your way.

Morning coffee.

Beautiful Bump.

Waiting patiently for baby.

Soon this momma will have her arms full here. 

Are we ready for this?

Any day now.

The glowing momma to be.


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The latest... on me that is... So if anyone has been checking, I haven't been blogging much lately.  I don't know why it's so hard for me to sit down and type out some words and post some pictures.  Part of the problem is we have been trying to sell our house.  We put it on the market in November.  Just in time for many people in Bakersfield to have the price of oil concern them and the market slowed waaaay down.  So it has been an interesting journey in the purgatory of having your home for sale and being ready to move on but you are not allowed to.  It's no ones fault but the market we in.  So we will just keep cleaning and working on the house until it sells.  Or if it doesn't we will make peace with that too. 

Now if it does sell and we get to move, I will have the best location for portraits.  Something that keep me motivated to clean my house every morning.  Also hopefully there will be a garden, and some chickens, and maybe even some goats and pigs.  A girl can dream right?

As for photography, which is why you are here, right?  I have been busy with some fun shoots lately.   I will post them here soon.  I promise.  And, to reassure you I am not leaving the area so I am still booking Bakersfield Weddings and even Central Coast Weddings.  As well as family and senior sessions. 

Talk to you soon...



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Happy New Year! Happy New Year!


I hope for everyone a fantastic new year.  2014 was an interesting year.  So much to be thankful for, and many struggles to learn from.  I have been focusing lately on all the positives in my life so that I may move forward with an appreciation for all of my blessings.  Many changes coming for my family this year and I am looking forward to them. 

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples!  I hope all of your wedding plans come together perfectly. 

Thank you to all the families that had holiday sessions with me.  It brings me great joy capturing your families as the years pass.

And a super big thank you to all my Brides and Grooms of 2014!  I am grateful for your trust in me to capture your special day.  I enjoyed working with all of you! 


I am so very looking forward all of my upcoming weddings and family sessions in the year 2015!




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Hey There! So we are in October now!  Wow, time has flown by.  

I have been asked for ages "what are you going to do with all your free time once you get all your kids at one school?"

My response has always been, work on my business and get back into shape.  

See if you didn’t know already, I am a stay at home mom to three kids.  My youngest just started kindergarten this year.  She is there for a half day which is pretty great!  And for the last six years I was very involved with a co-op preschool.  The experience being involved in a co-op preschool was awesome, but very time consuming.  See, I couldn’t just do my work days, oh no, I had to be on the board and then serve as president for the last 3 years.  It was essentially a job, I loved it.  But I am loving my free time now too. 

The good news is, I have been getting back into running.  Something I hadn’t made time for myself in years.  I really do love it. 

AND, I have been working on my business.  I have started an Instagram page @stephanie_horwedel_photography where I can post my work and interact with vendors and brides.  I am an Instagram addict in my everyday life and you can find me and my crazy life @horwedelsa.  The other change I made is with my packages.  I have taken in all my meetings with brides and the weddings I have done and I realize the best way to serve all you brides is to make my business a wedding photography service.  I am not going to sell you products or prints.  I have all of that stuff available on my website if you want it. 

I am going to photograph your day for you.  Edit your pictures and then give you your pictures.  EASY.  SIMPLE.  AWESOME!

So, if you are a bride and you want more info about my wedding day photography service, contact me!  I will send you the details.  If you want to go for a run, contact me, and I will try and keep up!

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Arabian Nights Themed Shower Photographing Wedding Showers is so much fun.  This shower had amazing details everywhere you looked.  Guests were encouraged to dress to an Arabian Nights Theme.  With having a theme shower like this there were so many details to capture.   Guests were invited to get henna painting done on their hands, play some ad libs and over all enjoy themselves.   This shower was perfectly captured and the bridesmaids had me create a mini album so that their bride would be able to enjoy looking at her shower for years to come.  

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Olivia & Robert's Wedding In May Olivia and Robert were married at the Double Tree in Bakersfield California.  They had a large group of family and friends there supporting and celebrating with them.  I had a great time working with this couple and returning to the Double Tree for another wedding.  

Olivia's Beautiful Dress

Olivia and Robert chose not to see each other before the ceremony.  I photographed all the groomsmen before the ceremony.  What fun group of guys.

The Grand entrance, complete with high fives!

Custom Favor glasses!  I loved them.


This group knew how to have a good time.  It was such a pleasure to work with all of them.  

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Bakersfield Museum of Art Wedding In April I shot the sweetest second wedding for Melissa and Brad.  It was a beautiful intimate wedding set in the garden of the Bakersfield Museum of Art.  

Melissa’s dress looked amazing among the garden sculptures. 

She made her bouquet out of antique brooches. 

They opted to do a "first look" before the wedding.  I love Brad's expression and the fact that the boys were there too.


After the ceremony the family walked down the street to Mexicali for a dinner reception.


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Summer Vacation! Oh, I have big plans for summer vacation.  Getting caught up on my blogging is one of them.  But seeing as that It's July 2nd already, I am behind.  


I have done some amazing weddings that I need to blog and get caught up with.  They are coming soon!  


In the mean time if you want to see what I am up to instead of blogging you can check out my instagram feed and follow me at @horwedelsa.  


I do love summer vacation!


Have I pinned this already? Ugh I want summer so bad!

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Adriane and Ethan Wedding My heart jumped with excitement as I drove to this Carrissa Plains wedding.  It was a gorgeous day with a bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds and a bit of a breeze.  It had rained just enough for the hills to be green and speckled with a wild flowers.  I had been excited to shoot this wedding for a long time.  A fellow photographer, Adriane had contacted me to shoot her wedding.  I knew it was going to be a special one, just from what I saw on Facebook.  The details! Where to begin?  The people! Another amazing group of people to work with.  I didn't even mind the nickname given to me by one of the groomsmen.  I had a blast working on this wedding.  It was truly a dream wedding to shoot!  Be prepared to look at a lot of pictures.

Adriane took her mom's dress and and reworked it to make it special for her.  It was AMAZING! 

I love cowboy boots at weddings.  The little details in her flowers were so charming.

succulent boutineers! 

Who doesn't love a hunting truck at a wedding vehicle? I do!

I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this bride?

Her handsome groom.   

These two chose not to see each other until the ceremony.  

This group of groomsmen were having a great time.  Laughing together, maybe even at me.  They were a fun group to work with.

So another cool detail.  Adriane and Ethan got married on this little island that they had to completely transform to make a wedding happen there.  Including building this bridge! How cool is that?!


There were a million and one amazing details at this wedding!

And now for some wedding pictures.  This family and group of friends were all smiles and laughs all day.  You could see the love between them all.



She wasn't a fan of getting her picture taken.  But it's pretty cute anyways.


Their first walk together as man and wife!

We scheduled lots of time for pictures.  A photographer's dream.  Even some time for sunset pictures.

I hate to be redundant, but, I had an amazing day working with this bride and groom.  It was a dream wedding to shoot and I felt honored to shoot for a fellow photographer.  

Thank you Adriane and Ethan! 













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Corinne & Caleb Wedding I am a little behind in my blogging.  But I have been honest all along, it’s not my strongest point.  I love taking the pictures but writing the words is a whole different story.

But to play catch up, I was so fortunate to work with the sweetest couple Corinne and Caleb.  They were married the first weekend in February at the Guild House in Downtown Bakersfield. It was a small, intimate, joyful wedding.  

Talk about amazing, Caleb's grandmother made Corinne's Wedding Dress.

Getting ready with the help of Corinne's mother.

Just pure gorgeousness!

And some more!

Looking pretty good there too, Caleb.

I just love when a groom sees his bride for the first time.

Corinne and her Father.

Sweet moments from their ceremony.

Grand Exit!

The Groom and his men.

The Bride and her girls.

So Seriously, how gorgeous and sweet are these two?




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My Favorites from 2013 2013 Was a good year!  I was so fortunate to work with so many amazing people.  I can't wait for all of my weddings in 2014!  The best part of what I do is meeting new people and creating new friendships.  


I have so many favorites.  This collection just barely scratches the surface.  I could have picked five from each session but I didn't.  


Once again thank you to all the wonderful people I got to work with in 2013.  And I can't wait to meet even more new friends in 2014.


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Corinne and Caleb - Engagments I am a little slow posting this engagement session.  We did this shoot in December and then the month got the best of me.  I had such a nice time with Corinne and Caleb.  I can't wait for their wedding in February!

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Day In The Life - My Kids I am in love with day in the life sessions! 

These pictures capture my children right now as they are.  I love to see their real personalities come alive in these pictures.


Good Morning!

Helping herself to some cereal

Just a little dry cereal today.

Sister's breakfast finding techniques.

Breakfast giggles

Getting ready for baseball practice. 

Little sisters ready to hang out for a couple hours at 8 am baseball practice.

Practicing at 3rd base.

A little quiet time after practice.


My kids, will play in the dirt all day.  They have many little holes dug up all over our yard.  One day they wont play in the dirt and I will be sad.

Scrapped knee, wild hair, running around in her undies, and messy face.  That's my girl.

All smiles and becoming so responsible. My other girl.

Cars and baseball.  He has always been so good entertaining himself.  My sweet boy.

Let's bake a cake!

Everybody likes to crack the eggs.

Let's lick the spoon!

Our ugly cake!

Relaxing time with a little tv.


Getting ready for ballet practice

Game time.

A little cake before our day is done.

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Talia & Zach Kern County Museum Wedding Talia and Zach are the perfect examples of best friends getting married.  I love going to weddings when you can just feel the love and friendship radiate from the couple.  It takes me back to my wedding day and maybe that's why I love wedding photography so much.  These two are the nicest, sweetest people and I truly loved working with them.  Talia and Zach were married at the Kern County Museum in August.  Thankfully, they had about as perfect weather as you can get for an August wedding. 



Zach and Talia opted for a first look.  It was a very sweet moment.


A candid moment of Talia checking out her bouquet. 


This little one was such a cute little ball of energy.  


This group was so fun!


Work it girls.


You too, guys.


These two, stealing a moment alone together.


One of my many favorites from the day.


I love this one too!


And this one!


How gorgeous is this girl?!



Beautiful flowers all created by Irma Salazar.

Maid of Honor toast.


Best man toast.


Mother and Son dance.


Father and Daughter dance.


First Dance.


Cake time!


Bouquet tossing time!


Love these two!

Thank you Talia and Zach for allowing me to capture your day.  You created a beautiful wedding!  I loved working with you and your families!


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Katie & Ben Katie and Ben had a wonderful relaxed wedding at lake Tahoe.  When I met with Katie the first time she was telling me her plans of a simple family gathering, like a family reunion.   She was planning on making the food herself, it would be in the park and her guests would play games and just enjoy the wedding celebration.  She even mentioned she might not even have a wedding dress.  I am so glad she did because the one she picked was beautiful.  I loved it.  I would say that they were able to create just the day they had in mind.



The first look! Ben took in every detail.


I was in love with this spot!  I could have stayed here all day.  

One of my many favorites from the day.  I love me some trees.  Oh, and beautiful people too.


Loving it!


Love the way her dress is draped on the rocks.


We moved locations several times during their portrait session.  How can you not with so many beautiful locations?


I love setting up in a position where I can catch the groom's face as his bride walks down the aisle to meet him.


A sweet simple ceremony on the edge of the woods.  


Taking a moment to let it all sink in.


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Andrea and Alec Andrea and Alec had a intimate destination wedding in Oceano, California this June.  Their ceremony was on the beach and it was perfect.  Forever now, after hearing the expression "Love is in the air" I am going to think of these two.  They had the most beautiful wedding day.  The family and friends that were there were loving and supportive.  I  felt like family that day.  I know when they went back to Minnesota they were having a reception and I hope they had the best time.  I really loved working with everyone that day.  One fun thing about beach weddings... Shoes not necessary!    

5073 CU

The Lovely Andrea.  I love capturing these little moments when my brides are getting in their dresses.

Andrea and Alec traded letters with each other before the ceremony.  

And it was awesome!

FA Cup Round Four 2015-16 - Portsmouth FC v AFC Bournemouth Jan A dad's first look!

KRP_7641 712_013016-7696 That's about all the guys have to do for prep.

The wedding party ready to go!

The groom ready to go!

Here comes the bride!

The aisle was adorned with sea shells and rocks all collected by the bridal party.

T07A9851_12 Amazing, right?

Sorry mom and dad, but I had too! I love this picture and the emotion in it.

_MG_0301 The parents did a sand ceremony with the bride and groom and then they met together.  It was a powerful, beautiful moment for their two families joining together.  

Their faces say it all! WE ARE MARRIED!

Pure Love and Happiness!

Beep, Beep!  Woo! Hoo! Congrats Friends!

Hello Boys!

How ya doin', girls?

This was a fun Bridal Party!

I can't get over the happiness that radiated off of Andrea.  Such a beautiful bride.

Alec was pretty happy too!

670A4354 Before dinner Andrea changed into something a little more comfortable.

I have so many favorites from this day, and this is one of them.

THOMPSONWEDDINGCOURTNEY0165 Nothing like toasting good friends on their special day.

Gramps had some sweet words for the newly weds.

And dad just about killed me.

Oh, you two! I feel so blessed to have met you!  Thank you for having me be your photographer on your special day.  I hope one day our paths cross again!  I wish you all the best and thanks to Facebook I can keep tabs on you!






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I love my clients I am in the middle of editing a wedding.  And I just have to say, I love my clients!  I have a small home business and I am building it one amazing couple at a time.   

I have had the opportunity to work with the most amazing couples and they have welcomed me into their lives on the biggest day of their lives so far.  Each time I sit down and edit I get to relive their special day.  It makes me smile, tear up, and laugh depending on what part of the day I am working on.  

I feel so blessed to get to do what I do.  

I love working with couples who appreciate good photography and are on a budget.  I think it's awesome when they have done huge parts of their wedding's on their own.  My goal is to work with the DIY brides who just want to have fun on their day.  And I have been doing that so far.  It makes my heart happy!  

Thank you to my amazing clients!



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Lacie & David are Having a baby! This is a first for me!  A maternity session for one of my couples that I also did their engagement session and wedding!


Lacie is such a beautiful momma to be.  It was a very hot day when we took these and you can't even tell.  She has that perfect pregnancy glow.



One of my favorites from their engagement session.



Hard to believe this was almost 2 years ago!

Hard to believe, David?






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Dina's Family Pictures Dina contacted me for a family session.  She said her boys had asked her what she wanted for mothers day, and she wanted some family pictures done.  Her oldest son is one of my upcoming grooms so I was more than excited to meet their family and take pictures for her.  Her younger son is graduating from high school this week and will be leaving to join the Marines the begining of June.  

I had a ton of fun with this family!  It makes me even more excited for the wedding in August!

Happy Mothers Day Dina!


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