They say a picture is like a thousand words... 

I am just going to tell you right now, I like pictures.  I like taking them, and I like looking at them.  This is probably why I am a photographer and not a writer.  I don't like writing much.  But I do want to share with my visitors my pictures, maybe I will throw in a few words too.  

So I have a tendency to get behind in my blogging.  It's always a work in progress for me, my New Years goal is always to get better at blogging.  

So if you see big gaps in my blogging it's because life has overtaken my goal of blogging.  I will be back, I always am.  

All the ideas, none of the time

January 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I started up a blog and wasn't able to keep up with it.  It was called "A Little Old Fashioned".  It was going to highlight my love of antique Milk Glass, DIY projects, and other random things in my life.  But as usual I found my self behind in the blogging world.  I am going to bring some of the best posts over here and try to just maintain one Blog here that is a mix of my life so you can get to know me better and my work so you can see what I do best.  

Anyways!  Who else loves Milk glass? ;) When I am out antiquing I am looking for Milk glass pieces I don't have, black and white enamelware, vintage cutting boards and rolling pins, fun bar ware and vintage tea towels.  I have new obsession with hand embroidered tea towels.  I gave away a bunch that I had made for Christmas this year.  It was fun.  I think my neighbors liked them.  

My Christmas Card season was super busy.  I love squeezing in as many Family sessions in that I can.  AND what is even more fun is getting some of my own pictures back in the mail.  I love it.  Makes my heart so Happy.  

This New year has brought in a new challenge for me.  I haven't been running very consistently the last few years.  But my sister in law talked me into training for a 1/2 marathon in March!  So if you see me and my dog out running I hope I don't look like I am dying.  I am enjoying the challenge and really enjoying running again.  

Also, I have been on the hunt for a puppy.  We had to put our old girl Lou down at the beginning of December due to Cancer.  She was almost 15 years old.  My husband and I got her right after we were married.  We have another dog, he was found in the woods dumped.  I have had him for almost 11 years.  But due to the nature of him being afraid of us for the first year or so he never quite relaxed into that cuddly dog.  He loves all of us and is the most gentle of souls.   It's so sad people could just dump a dog in the woods and leave them for dead.  Anyways, my kids have never experienced a puppy.  They are 12, 10, and 7, what I think are the perfect ages to have a puppy.  To experience the full circle of life.  So I have been looking and looking for the right dog at the animal shelters in town.  There are so many dogs that need to be adopted.  I kind of want to take them all.  But I have some specific traits I am looking for.

That's a brief little summary of what I have been up to.  Hopefully in between runs, dog searching, hand embroidery, taking care of my kids, and taking pictures, I will update this blog a little better.  :)



Lifestyle Maternity Session

March 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I don't do lots and lots of maternity sessions, but when I do they are super fun.  It's so exciting for the mother to be and they always look so gorgeous.  When my friend said she wanted to do a day in the life style maternity session I was thrilled.  We had a super fun morning taking fun pictures of her day in the life being pregnant!  


You know, just a little cereal in bed!

Watch out Kitty there is a new friend coming your way.

Morning coffee.

Beautiful Bump.

Waiting patiently for baby.

Soon this momma will have her arms full here. 

Are we ready for this?

Any day now.

The glowing momma to be.


The latest... on me that is...

March 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So if anyone has been checking, I haven't been blogging much lately.  I don't know why it's so hard for me to sit down and type out some words and post some pictures.  Part of the problem is we have been trying to sell our house.  We put it on the market in November.  Just in time for many people in Bakersfield to have the price of oil concern them and the market slowed waaaay down.  So it has been an interesting journey in the purgatory of having your home for sale and being ready to move on but you are not allowed to.  It's no ones fault but the market we in.  So we will just keep cleaning and working on the house until it sells.  Or if it doesn't we will make peace with that too. 

Now if it does sell and we get to move, I will have the best location for portraits.  Something that keep me motivated to clean my house every morning.  Also hopefully there will be a garden, and some chickens, and maybe even some goats and pigs.  A girl can dream right?

As for photography, which is why you are here, right?  I have been busy with some fun shoots lately.   I will post them here soon.  I promise.  And, to reassure you I am not leaving the area so I am still booking Bakersfield Weddings and even Central Coast Weddings.  As well as family and senior sessions. 

Talk to you soon...



Happy New Year!

January 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year!


I hope for everyone a fantastic new year.  2014 was an interesting year.  So much to be thankful for, and many struggles to learn from.  I have been focusing lately on all the positives in my life so that I may move forward with an appreciation for all of my blessings.  Many changes coming for my family this year and I am looking forward to them. 

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples!  I hope all of your wedding plans come together perfectly. 

Thank you to all the families that had holiday sessions with me.  It brings me great joy capturing your families as the years pass.

And a super big thank you to all my Brides and Grooms of 2014!  I am grateful for your trust in me to capture your special day.  I enjoyed working with all of you! 


I am so very looking forward all of my upcoming weddings and family sessions in the year 2015!




Hey There!

October 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So we are in October now!  Wow, time has flown by.  

I have been asked for ages "what are you going to do with all your free time once you get all your kids at one school?"

My response has always been, work on my business and get back into shape.  

See if you didn’t know already, I am a stay at home mom to three kids.  My youngest just started kindergarten this year.  She is there for a half day which is pretty great!  And for the last six years I was very involved with a co-op preschool.  The experience being involved in a co-op preschool was awesome, but very time consuming.  See, I couldn’t just do my work days, oh no, I had to be on the board and then serve as president for the last 3 years.  It was essentially a job, I loved it.  But I am loving my free time now too. 

The good news is, I have been getting back into running.  Something I hadn’t made time for myself in years.  I really do love it. 

AND, I have been working on my business.  I have started an Instagram page @stephanie_horwedel_photography where I can post my work and interact with vendors and brides.  I am an Instagram addict in my everyday life and you can find me and my crazy life @horwedelsa.  The other change I made is with my packages.  I have taken in all my meetings with brides and the weddings I have done and I realize the best way to serve all you brides is to make my business a wedding photography service.  I am not going to sell you products or prints.  I have all of that stuff available on my website if you want it. 

I am going to photograph your day for you.  Edit your pictures and then give you your pictures.  EASY.  SIMPLE.  AWESOME!

So, if you are a bride and you want more info about my wedding day photography service, contact me!  I will send you the details.  If you want to go for a run, contact me, and I will try and keep up!

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